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You can build your own MortiSafe from parts.

Before you start

You will need to buy the parts listed on Parts you'll need.

You'll need a home wifi system and know the password to join a new appliance to it (the same as you would with a phone or laptop).

You'll need the something to cut a wire and clean the insulation off the end of it, such as a penknife.

How to build, quick summary

There may look like a lot of steps to building the MortiSafe Pro but that's only because it's in a lot of detail. The basic steps to it are:

  • Cut a wire in your digital safe and connect it to the MortiSafe Pro core unit
  • Thread the power cable through the safe
  • Plug the parts together
  • Connect to a monitor/keyboard and grant the MortiSafe Pro core unit access to your wifi
  • Use it

How to build, detailed instructions

Follow these links to build your MortiSafe Pro:

More information