Checking the MortiSafe Pro core unit

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You should check over the set of 'magic' parts you've got:

  • The core circuit board (a Raspberry Pi) with relay unit on top and cable screwed into the relay unit. On the underside of the Raspberry Pi there's a micro-USB card held in a holder
  • A wifi unit which has a cover over one end (this can be discarded) to reveal a USB plug
  • An aerial which should be screwed into the end of the wifi unit
  • A USB power cable with clips half way along it
  • A micro SD adapter in a plastic cover. You shouldn't need this unless you have to do an upgrade in future.

MSP BoardCloseup.JPG

Some things you should do and check when unpacking:

  1. Screw the aerial into the wifi unit and plug that into the core unit (any socket)
  2. Make sure the relay board is seated on the connector on the main board. If it's come loose in shipping, the relay board plugs into the line of pins on the main board. As seen on the picture, it goes on the right hand side of those pins so there's 7 pairs of pins left of it that are left exposed. The relay unit sits at an angle - the top end (as seen on pic) is kept off the main board by a nylon peg to stop short-circuiting
  3. The relay unit has 2 little red 'jumper connectors', they should be on the board in the position indicated on the picture above
  4. The white cable should be screwed into the screws marked 'A1' and 'COM1' on the relay board (doesn't matter which color goes into which screw) so ensure these are still in tight, and tighten if necessary
  5. Make sure the micro-SD card (on the underside of the core unit) is correctly seated in its holder. If you push it in a little it will pop out, but you should push it in again

Some things of note:

  1. Later on you'll plug the power cable into the unit, you can see on this picture where it goes
  2. You'll also need to plug in an HDMI monitor cable later on, it fits into the socket next to the power socket at the top of the picture (you can only just see it on the picture)
  3. There's a bunch of cable ties on the right of the core unit - these are there to guard the SD card and stop it getting bumped out when the parts are inside the safe

You can now proceed to Wiring the digital safe to the MortiSafe Pro core unit wiring.