How to upgrade the software

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Occasionally new software may become available for the MortiSafe Pro core unit.

In future, upgrades will be automatic but for the moment they're manual. You'll get an email which will contain a link to a new SD image file.


  1. You can only update the software when the safe is open
  2. You'll need to have an SD adapter for your computer which handles the 'SD(HC)' format (all modern ones will do that). You can buy one from ebay for a few £/$
  3. You should have a micro-SD adapter supplied with the MortiSafe Pro
  4. If for any reason you should need to buy a new micro-SD card, get one that's 16GB. 8GB ones are a random amount less than 8Gb so it's luck whether a copy of one 8Gb card will fit onto another

What you need to do:

  1. Plug the keyboard and monitor into the MortiSafe Pro core unit
  2. Type 'down' at the prompt to shut it down, then remove the power
  3. Download a ZIP file from the link in the email (about a 3Gb file)
  4. Extract the IMG file from inside it, which is about 7Gb
  5. You'll need software that can write to an SD card. On Windows you can download Win32 Disk Imager from
  6. Take the MortiSafe Pro core unit out of the safe and push the micro-SD card on the underside of the unit protected by cable ties - it should pop out
  7. Plug the SD adapter into your computer, put the micro-SD card into the micro-SD adapter and put that into the SD adapter
  8. On Windows your computer will tell you which drive letter the SD card is on (it will ask if you want to browse it)
  9. Run the SD writing software and download the contents of your SD card onto a file on your computer (this is just an emergency backup)
  10. Write the IMG file (which you extracted from the zip earlier) onto the SD card
  11. Put the micro-SD card back into the MortiSafe Pro core unit then reattach the power
  12. Your wifi details will have been reset so you'll need to follow the steps on Configuring the MortiSafe Pro wifi connection, however you will typically get the same IP address as you had before