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This page links to several websites that you can use to experiment with MortiSafe Pro.

MortiSafe Pro consists of a 'private' website which runs inside a digital safe in your house and controls when you can open it, and a 'public' site which anyone can see. The two websites talk to each other. If you have a MortiSafe Pro safe, you can use your private website to allow someone to use the public website to control your safe.

If you don't have a MortiSafe Pro (yet) you can use links on here to see how the websites behave. They will do exactly what the 'real' one will do except of course for locking and unlocking a real digital safe.


Here's the PlayPen websites:

How to use

To use this:

  • Go to any one of the private websites and click 'Configuration' to set a sub name and controller password
  • Go to the public website and 'issue an order to a sub':
    • Enter the sub name and password
    • Set a time (suggest you set one in the past just for testing)
    • Set a controller name, an unlock password and a message
  • Go back to the private website and you'll see the order waiting. Click to accept it and the safe will be locked
  • Look back to the public website and you'll see the sub listed there as locked
  • If the time was set in the past, as soon as you go back to the main page of the private website it will show 'Unlocked' and then the public site will show as unlocked again

Sounds complex written like that, would make more sense with two people and a real safe.

On either site, you can click on 'Maintenance' and 'Reset' to clear out all stored data (not in final product!) to reset everything. Bear in mind that at any time there might be multiple people using this, so if you set something up then it 'vanishes' that might be why.

Version 1

The links above are to Version 2 of the MortiSafe Pro software, which is the currently released version of MortiSafe Pro. For completeness, below are the links to the equivalent PlayPen websites for Version 1 of the software.