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MortiSafe Pro is a digital safe which has a website running inside it. You can interact with that (private) website or with a public website to control when the safe opens. The typical use is to put keys to a chastity device in the safe and lock the safe.

The safe owner can instruct the safe to stay locked until a set or random time, or can authorise someone else to to use the public website to issue orders to the safe to lock or unlock.

Features are:

  • Once the system is set up, you interact with the system using a web browser. This means it can be controlled from any sort of computer, tablet, phone or gadget that has an internet connection and web browser
  • If you are using the system for self-locking you can lock the safe either until a fixed date and time or allow the safe to pick a random time between two dates/times you specify. It can then either report the opening time or 'tease' you by reporting a randomly picked opening time which will change each time you check it.
  • If you are controlling a sub who has a MortiSafe Pro, the sub must configure a 'controller password' into their safe and give you the password. Then you can issue an order to lock the safe at unlock at a specified date and time, or an amount of time after the safe locks (just in case it's a while between issuing the order and when the sub accepts the order). The sub will see (on the private website) that an order has been requested, they should put their keys into the safe and accept the order which will lock the safe. You can select whether the sub will see the safe opening time, keep it hidden or 'tease' them by reporting a randomly picked opening time which will change each time you check it. When you issue an order you can include a password which the sub can use to override the lockup, or you can issue an unlock order.
  • Fairly simple to set up. If you buy parts you need to cut one wire in the safe electronics and clip some other wires together (if you buy a pre-built safe, that will be done for you), then need to allow it to join your home wifi network (as you would do with a new phone or computer).
  • To understand the options available as a self-locker, a sub or a controller, check out our Playpen.