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As a controller, you only need to interact with the public website, which is here:

  • Your sub should have given you a username and controller password
  • You'll see on the website the locked or unlocked states of all the MortiSafe Pro's, including your sub
  • Click to 'Send an order to a sub'
  • Enter their username and controller password
  • You can choose to order them to lock up until a specified date and time, or for a given time period, or to unlock (only useful if the sub is already locked). If you issue the order now, the sub will have to accept it when then they check on their computer and that could be several days away, which is why there's options to specify relative and absolute lockup times
  • Next you can specify the date and time of unlocking or the duration of locking (this stage is skipped if the order is to unlock). You have to specify a time (relative or absolute) and if you're intending to unlock the sub using a password or unlocking order rather than letting the time expire, it's recommended that you still specify a time that's in the near future as a form of backup. For instance, if you're planning on sending the sub an unlock order in a week, set the locking time for two weeks then if there's a problem with the unlock order the timeout is a backup.
  • Then you can specify your controller name and any message you want to send them (this will be displayed when they see the order) and a password. If you're issuing a locking order, this is a password which can be used to unlock the safe early. If you're issuing an unlocking order, this is the password you set when you issued the locking order
  • You can also specify whether the sub can see the date and time of unlocking or if it's hidden or if they're teased with a time that's random but vaguely similar to the right time
  • Once you've issue the order you can keep an eye on the public website to see when they've accepted the order and become locked, and then when they're unlocked again

If you don't have a MortiSafe Pro yet, you can experiment with all this over in the PlayPen.