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Once you have installed and configured your MortiSafe Pro, you'll have a website that runs inside the safe which you can connect to from your PC, which will have a website address something like (which you found out during installation).

  • You should first use the 'Configuration' option there to set a username and controller password. The username will be visible on the public website to show your locked state and is how your controller will refer to you, and the controller password is how they will be authorized to control your MortiSafe Pro
  • Give your username and controller password to your controller
  • If you watch the main page of the website, eventually you'll see that your controller has issued you with an order. They can choose whether you can see the details of the order or not
  • Open the safe as detailed on Familiarizing yourself with your digital safe and put in whatever you want to secure, then close the door
  • Choose to accept the order on the website, and the safe will then lock until the specified time, so any attempt to unlock the safe before that time will fail
  • Your controller can give you a password which can be used to unlock the safe earlier, or can issue you with an order to unlock the safe

If you don't have a MortiSafe Pro yet, you can experiment with all this over in the PlayPen.