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Once you have installed and configured your MortiSafe Pro, you'll have a website that runs inside the safe which you can connect to from your PC, which will have a website address something like (which you found out during installation).

  • You should first use the 'Configuration' option there to set a username and a controller password. The username will be visible on the public website to show your locked state but the password should be a string of garbage if you don't want anyone to be able to control your MortiSafe Pro
  • Open the safe as detailed on Familiarizing yourself with your digital safe and put in whatever you want to secure, then close the door
  • Then you can choose to lock up the safe to open at either a specified date and time or a random date and time between two dates and times you specify
  • The safe will then lock until the specified time, so any attempt to unlock the safe before that time will fail

If you don't have a MortiSafe Pro yet, you can experiment with all this over in the PlayPen.