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You should now the MortiSafe Pro core unit wired into your safe and configured to communicate with your home wifi, and a web browser on your computer connecting to the private website in the safe.

  1. First off, don't lock the safe! Run through tests with the safe open so you can fix problems before you close the safe. With the safe open you can still test whether the safe is locked (that is, whether turning the handle on the safe door pulls back the bolts that would have kept it locked)
  2. On your computer, connect your web browser to the private MortiSafe Pro website in your safe, using the address you determined earlier, something like
  3. When you do that, you may hear clicks from the MortiSafe Pro core unit and some white lights illuminate. This is because when the unit first powers up, it starts in 'safe locked' mode, but when you look at the website it causes it to evaluate the current state and realize the safe should be unlocked. The white lights indicate the safe is open
  4. Put the combination into the safe (as determined during Familiarizing yourself with your digital safe) and you should here a clunk and then turning the handle on the safe should retract the bolts (just as if the MortiSafe Pro wasn't wired in). If you find the handle won't turn, one possibility is that when you cut the solenoid wires and attached them into the clips
  1. Choose the option 'Configure' on the website
  2. Enter a name you would like to be identified by, and a controller password - if you give this password to someone, they will be able to issue orders to your safe
  3. Click 'Update' to commit the change of name and password
  4. Go to the public website at http://mortisafepro.com/live/server/v1
  5. You should see your sub name listed as 'unlocked' there
  6. Go back to the private MortiSafe Pro website
  7. Choose the first option, 'Lock up the safe to open at a fixed date/time'
  8. Pick a date