What to do if your MortiSafe Pro IP address changes

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Part of the installation process involves working out the IP address (something like of your MortiSafe Pro. There's a theoretical possibility that the IP address might change (I think realistically it would only happen if you had hundreds of devices on your WiFi network, but better to be cautious).

One way to avoid this happening is that most WiFi routers have a setting. You can do this if you know your way around your WiFi router website, but skip this bit if you don't understand it. If you connect to the WiFi router website you should be able to navigate to the list of devices on your WiFi network. If you can find the MortiSafe Pro device (according to its current IP address) there may be an option there to fix its address. If you can set that, the device won't be assigned a different IP address.

If you find that you can't connect to your MortiSafe Pro, there's several things you can try:

  1. Make sure your WiFi is running okay - try another WiFi device like a phone or tablet, perhaps restart the router if other devices can't connect
  2. Try disconnecting and reconnecting power from your MortiSafe Pro - it will take about a minute to restart, then should be contactable on the usual website address
  3. If you can't connect with the IP address you've been using, just try adding 1 or 2 to the address and trying again. They're usually assigned in sequence so it may have got the next one up
  4. Use a network monitor to check around your network for devices. Here's what you can do (instructions are for a Windows system):
    1. Download ZenMap from https://nmap.org/zenmap
    2. Fill in the 'target' box with something like "192.168.1.*" where the first 3 numbers are the same as the IP you've been using
    3. Change the 'profile' to 'Quick scan'
    4. Click 'scan'
    5. Lots of IPs of devices will be listed under 'Host' on the left
    6. Click on 'Ports/Hosts' on the right
    7. Choose a possible IP as listed under 'host'
    8. Under 'Ports/Hosts' you should see a single line with a green blob and "80 tcp open http" next to it
    9. If you see this, try connecting to the IP with a web browser
    10. If it shows anything else, try another IP in the list