Conditions of sale

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If you want to purchase a MortiSafe Pro, you have to agree to the following conditions.

  • You are responsible for how you use this product. There is no guarantee that it will be 100% reliable all the time. You must maintain your own backup system. Your digital safe will come with physical keys which can be used to open the safe in emergency. You should not keep these keys inside the safe and must keep them as a backup system in case the electronics fail (either the MortiSafe Pro, the electronics which are in the safe or your wifi network). I can make suggestions of how you can keep keys, but ultimately you are responsible for use of the product.
  • The limit of my liability will be refunding the cost of the MortiSafe Pro magic parts (and no other component) if they are faulty. I will not be liable for mis-use or failure other than to replace faulty parts I have delivered.
  • If you are making your own MortiSafe Pro, you need to supply a few parts which much meet the requirements specified - see Parts you'll need. There's some assembly required. When you get the parts you will need to follow instructions on Build your own from parts to put it together, which includes authorizing your MortiSafe Pro to access your home wifi network. You should make sure you're aware of what's required before ordering the MortiSafe Pro magic parts.
  • If you are in any doubt about the capability of MortiSafe Pro, you can try it out using the PlayPen. This will confirm that it will do what you want before you buy. Buying the parts implies you understand these capability and limitations.
  • This project is in its early stages, and by buying a MortiSafe Pro now you are being an 'early adopter'. You may need to check with me if you have problems, there may be some extra steps if, for instance, I send you some replacement software for uploading to a MortiSafe Pro component. I expect it to work out okay but there may be glitches that need ironing out. By buying now you are agreeing to this limitation.