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We are no longer taking orders for individual MortiSafePro systems. The details of the project are left here for historical interest.

You can build your own MortiSafe from parts.

Before you start

You will need to buy the parts listed on Parts you'll need.

You'll need a home wifi system and know the password to join a new appliance to it (the same as you would with a phone or laptop).

You'll need the something to cut a wire and clean the insulation off the end of it, such as a penknife.

How to build, quick summary

There may look like a lot of steps to building the MortiSafe Pro but that's only because it's in a lot of detail. The basic steps to it are:

  • Cut a wire in your digital safe and connect it to the MortiSafe Pro core unit
  • Thread the power cable through the safe
  • Plug the parts together
  • Connect to a monitor/keyboard and grant the MortiSafe Pro core unit access to your wifi
  • Use it

How to build, detailed instructions

Follow these links to build your MortiSafe Pro:

More information